Weekly card

Pumkin cream soup with croutons 4.50 €

Meatloaf with cream mushrooms,
boiled potatoes and lettuce 9.00 €

Swabian ravioli on creamed savoy cabbage
baked with Emmental cheese and boiled potatoes 11.00 €

"Cordon bleu" from pork
filled with ham and cheese
served with French fries and salad 15.80 €

Sliced pork with mushrooms,
homemade spaetzle and salad 11.50 €

Fresh mushrooms on herbal cream
with bread dumplings and salad 11.50 €

Roast beef with burgundy sauce
with market vegetables and bread dumplings 15.50 €

Rump steak with pumpkin and peppers,
and Röstini 22.50 €

Roast venison with juniper sauce,
cranberry pear and homemade spaetzle 19.00 €

dessert recommendation

Apricot pancakes with berry porridge
and vanilla ice cream 5.50 €

Wine recommendation

"RiT" Riesling dry                    0,25 ltr. 4.50 €

winery Müller-Kern                    0,1 ltr. 2.50 €

Rhineland Palatinate

Side dish change for Rösti, fried potatoes and homemade swabian cheese spaetzle: 1.50 € surcharge

This card is valid from Saturday 09.11.2019. 
Except on Friday and for lunch on Sundays and public holidays.
Subject to change